Wednesday, 1 March 2017


We are living in a ridiculous state of the world, where the right to breathe clean air, have clean water is not considered a basic human right - where Governments will champion oil business and car industry above the right to clean air, and then will complain about full hospitals in excess of demand, when the cycle is more than apparent. 

A ridiculous state of the world, where oil barons and black cab companies will lobby policy so that they can keep their status quo, whilst the world is overwhelmed by toxic pollution, whilst the entire population of London is subject air that is toxic to breath and carcinogenic, every day of the week, at any time of the day. 

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just because you don’t notice it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Ignorance doesn’t help you, only those that profit from it. There is so much wrong, there is so much to challenge, and anyone doing anything towards challenging the current status quo of human activity on this planet is brilliant. People who poke fun at vegans, who belittle animal-rights activists, I worry. You’re lucky to be so unaffected, good for you. But something will affect you at some point, we’re not all immune forever.

For example, a lot of people have no interest in air pollution, or do no notice it. And of course, if you smoke, that is your choice. But the fact that Governments put big business, and economy, and any kind of business before public health, well being and the actual longevity of the planet is insane. 

Short-term economy cannot come before the impacts and devastation of human damage to the environment. Have that quick fix, economy building carbon-fueled food today, have no planet, famine, resource wars tomorrow. THE CHEAP MAN PAYS TWICE. Keep cutting corners, and the whole thing falls apart. 

We cannot continue to survive in this kind of environment, with this chain and system of behaviour, that is not evolving with our minds but static in a pool of self-serving greed and teenage like disregard for any form of longevity. Our planet is suffering massively, we are unwillingly suffering, we are swallowing and doing nothing. 

“Change doesn’t come straight away, it take too long, we’re too small, its not use” - Thats only you, but theres more than you. There’s a longer future, and doing anything, anything at all, is all part of a bigger picture. What else is there? What are you living for … to party, to go clubbing, to make art, to see friends? But doing that and doing more - we can change things, of course we can, anyone can - by power, action, force, belief, conviction, frustration, strength of opinion, honesty, morality, intelligence, education, development, understanding, philosophy, growth, outreach, teaching, commitment, integrity, illumination…I think those words go in order of evolution of the mind - start from force, become enlightened knowledge and wisdom. HAHA - its not funny. Its reasoning. Its giving, its doing something for our world, for more than humanity - for all of life, all of the worlds lifeforms that are suffering under humanities vulgar, disgusting, destructive grip of power - we could have done it all so differently, why did we do it this way… 

Jamie Odell x Florence Rawlins x Vasilisa Forbes - New Music Video on its way!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Life is...

sometimes life feels like a terrible mess. you can’t go on, you start to think…what the hell, you are at a dead end, death comes to you in your dreams, souls walk up to you in your walking hours, reaching out there hands, voices accost you in the shadows whispering things in your ears as you shake yourself to sleep, you know, the usual. 

But then, you open a draw, and you find your diarys from all the way back in 2003 at first when you were 11. Then the entries from 2005, then those from 2007. And you stop yourself, and you shake off the souls hounding you for a second and you read. And you laugh. You look at the silly hand writing, the big letters. The silly notes like ’today we went to disneyland, today mum shouted at me’ and you really see the growth, the change, the opportunity, the difficulties, the overcoming, the variety, the lows, the highs, the silly things, the not so silly things, the philosophical thoughts, the moments of empowerment and ambition, the moments of doubt and worthlessness. But they’re all there, and they are quite important too, without them we are really just a husk. 

And then, even though behind you in the shadows the souls are still reaching around your throat and people without a soul or a mind throw daggers, you’re sort of satiated for a moment, because you found that collage you made of the first time you found myspace. Or because after 30 entries about how much you hate school and how depressed you are etc, there is that one entry that says ‘Today was the best day ever…’
or ‘Today I actually found a way to feel good!” or ‘I love to look at the stars!’ or that entry about how happy you are that you made friends with Partyshank….

And you realise, you’ve always been there, in there, and you. And the outside has shaped and warped it but really in there is you, the same you, and nothing has really changed apart from growth, learning, being hurt by life being shaped by it. 
And in a way, its the most incredible thing in the world