Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Nouvelle Vague

Its all getting a bit serious now with digital magazines and tumblrs and blogs and all the endless online thingymajigs that I'm worried actual things on paper are going to go out of business. Everyone wants it and they want it now, so internet - well, you can get it, immediatly.
I did an interview with Nouvelle Vague a while ago now but everyone else has already been chatting about them for ages, so I feel like old news.
either way, here is an snippet of an interview with them.

you can catch the rest in this months Super Super magazine. Which infact...is on paper. But you can't wait so heres a bit NOW...

‘Nouvelle Vague’ make pretty bossa nova covers of some of the most depressing, angry or anarchic punk and new wave classics of the late 70s and 80s. How on earth do they do it and manage to sell half a million records?
Vas: What was the drive then to do covers rather than your own songs?
Melanie: We did write our own songs before but Nouvelle Vague became kind a of side project, it was refreshing and just a more fun way to make music so we thought…why not! We make the songs our own, its not really an imitation as the feel of the song totally changes. Some people don’t even realise these are covers!

So what do you salvage from the original? Is there an effort to make it recognisable or is that not the point?
Melanie: The lyrics are still the same of course, but the message of the song changes, we’ve given the music a more feminine approach, the original new wave bands of the 80s were all about aggression and getting some sort of political point across. It was all macho and bands which were more about performance than anything else, it was all egos flying around.
Leelou: We did a cover of ‘God Save The Queen’ which is on our new album, and it’s a huge contrast, we’ve turned it into a gentle romantic song, I don’t think you could get any further from the original!

Do you think people would be shocked by that, what does Johnny Rotten say about all this?
Leelou: I’m worried at times that people might start throwing bottles at us on stage, saying ‘what have you done to this song!’, that the real punks might get upset about it, but luckily that’s never happened!
Melanie: I’m sure Johnny would be very proud…

Read the rest in this months SuperSuper.

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