Sunday, 7 June 2009

Super Super Magazine meets Channel 4

Channel 4 decided to do an 8 part documentary on the many magical tales of the supersuper team, so we decided to take the film crew on a journey through the depths of East London and beyond. Apparently Dalston has been labelled the 'coolest place in britian'.
I'm not sure whether the 'coolest' place means best to live in, coolest crowd, cool buildings, club nights, or atmosphere
but honestly....
I think dalston has neither or either.

I'm much more a fan of hackney and shoreditch myself, so the point of the day was to point out that...generally many 'cool' (media words) people are spread across the eastside but dalston on its own aint jack.

We took a walk through dalston and on the way bumped into Josh Weller, Sam Voltage and eventually Todd Hart, and other such cool raiders, which the film crew were very glad to see. I meanwhile took pictures and tested out bluring effects. (blurry for a reason my friend!)

Catch it all on Channel for in a few weeks time.
Will keep you posted.

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