Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Undercurrent System

size and time are synonymous. frequency and size are the same phenomenon. 
life without flesh is the ovens. the only way we got out of hell is through repetition and our image in the living. any image repeated loses charge and that loss is what makes this hell and keeps us here. 
and like all viruses - the past pre-records the future. 

learn to sit back and watch - don't talk don't play just watch and you will see all the cards look through the human body the house passes out the door it is composed of thin transparent sheets on which is written the action from birth to death. 

death is orgasm is rebirth is death in orgasm is their unsanitary Venusian gimmick is the whole birth death cycle of action of the gimmick is the gimmick repeated in action is the cycle once more and the control tool of all addicts give birth to the death of the cycle lifeline and it will be conquered for all

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