Monday, 21 February 2011

Old Swan

There is a void, there is a void, and I know this, I know, and it must be filled constantly to keep the chaos out.
With what do you fill yours? Cigarettes, food, alcohol? You don't know, do you. But the void is there. Each moment you hesitate on for longer than a second - TICK - there it is again. Each time you yawn. Each time you hear the rumble of an approaching train, a screech of wheels, a turn of tide. There is goes again. That black pause. The waiting pitted pause, that moment when you think 'why did I go into the kitchen again...' there is it, you can hear it. And when it's silent, dark, perhaps a little cold and you are waiting alone and you hear that rumble/tinkle inside your ears - that's the void calling. 

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