Monday, 28 March 2011


 Sometimes by vasilisaforbes

step over the void spilling into definition it falls on air dark damp and heavy where breath last was unsavouredthis is the end of that train tumbling against empty walls burning out fires and heading over the end pathyou lives in hell can you tell me what they saw the devil shark plays five balls with the road in the shoe-stain, spit shine, take your god-damn time from you like nothing when time is the only thing that can't be controlled, the only that exists
They want it - the idea. They'll be the slave to the idea so long as it remains fashionable. Is religion fashionable? Throw it in. Healthcare? that too. Public principle? nicebigdollop. Nationalism? always helps. 
feed the idea. its healthy. you're sick.
consider taking the time to question your food. 

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