Thursday, 7 June 2012


Nothing feels quite like Orchard Direct? Where are we going anyway, I tend to feel stuck in the same condition, inherent condition, who said God was Dead, I saw him last week, Yes I did, Who told you otherwise? We all saw him last week, remember, when that spark appeared by the sidewalk and you said it was a comet but actually, it opened, smoke came out, then a small, branch-like face, with twigs and beetles on it, extended, like, it lifted, lifted a hand, or finger, but either way there were four of them and on the other side was a little voice screaming 'in here, in here' and then it became dark again, no wait, light, no wait, there wasn't anything in there at all. Just juice came out of an empty cup then someone shouted 'damn it' and it all fell into the ground one after the other. Who? No, I wasn't there. Why did you say I was there?

I think I told them to collect the debris after the crash they declined which was a shame because someone had misplaced a finger which is unfortunate when you have to collect spiders with your bare hand, so I gave the finger to that cardboard holder on the street and actually when they opened the first container they said they could see flying frost green things, something like when that donkey walked into the first wall, then the second wall, actually after the third I felt hungry but there wasn't any dice around. We all left after that, they got bored when the messenger stopped speaking and then the condition was that if there was no sound no thoughts could exist so basically I picked up Gary and the light fell through. 

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